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POV Porn debut!

Added: Tuesday, 03-05-2016


Professional Adult Shoot 2016

Added: Monday, 25-04-2016


I decided to take the plunge last week and shoot proper some boy/girl content! I have always wanted to take the step into porn as I am such an exhibitionist. I love being watched on webcam and knowing that people are watching me make myself cum when i'm not online through my content is a massive turn on!

The thought of people watching me fucking has always been one of my favourite fantasies so I just had to explore it! Plus porn is a great way to explore all my other fantasies such as threesomes and group sex. I love the thought of being fucked by two guys at once, 2 cocks to worship and be worshipped by my pussy. It is giving me a wide on just thinking about it...!!

So I decided to get in contact with some of my favourite male performers to make some content.
On the day i was really nervous but I needn't have been as the guy I worked with was really nice (not to mention hot and well endowed!) and I really enjoyed myself.
We shot a P.O.V. scene (point of view) where the viewer can see all the action as if he is there himself.

I started by giving him a real sloppy blowjob, taking his cock and balls in my mouth, licking and sucking them. Trying to deepthroat such a big cock certainly brought tears to my eyes!
I even tried rimming for the first time! I've been rimmed many a time myself but never tried doing it to someone myself! I have to say I did quite enjoy it, very naughty!
Her then went down on me licking my pussy until I was soaking wet and ready to be fucked!
We tried several positions, filming from his perspective the whole time. My favourites were me on top, bouncing up and down on his cock and from behind over the sofa and the table. His cock got in there real nice and deep.
We finished with me sucking all my pussy juices off his cock until he came in my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed his spunk down whilst the rest was dripping down my face, there was so much cum!

I can't wait to get the finished video so I can cut it into clips and share with you on here. In the meantime I have some p.o.v. pics from the shoot in my private gallery for you to enjoy!